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Endpoint Monitoring and Response

QualTech end point security monitoring and response

qualtech endpoint security solutions for smbs.

What does Safeguard Your Business mean?

Lost or stolen mobile devices can result in lost company files and data. Malicious hackers or malware can disrupt business and steal critical data. And systems can go down unexpectedly. But you can help keep your data protected, control access to information, and restore your systems with technologies built with your security in mind. Protect yourself against ransomweare with Sophos endpoint security. It can happen to you when you less expect!

Our solution
  • Cloud centralized monitoring of every on-premises end point.
  • Central EndPoint Advanced.
    • Antimalware, Live Protection, Web Security, Web Control/Filtering, Device Control, Active Directory Sync, multiple platform support (Windows/Mac), Sophos Anti-Virus for vShield (for Windows, Desktop Guest VMs). WINDOWS ONLY: Malicious Traffic Detection, Host Intrusion Prevention (HIPS), Application Control]
    • Mobile Device Management, mobile platforms (iOS, Android)]
  • Central Intercept X.

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  • Central Web Gateway Advanced.
    • Antimalware, web filtering, SSL scanning, keyword scanning (DLP), reporting and real-time logging
  • Central Server Protect.
    • Antimalware, Live Protection, multiple platform support (Windows/Linux), Sophos Anti-Virus for vShield (for Windows Server, Guest VMs). WINDOWS ONLY: Automatic Exclusions, Host Intrusion Prevention (HIPS), Server Application Whitelisting (lockdown)
  • Response to events.
  • Remote assistance to your team to mitigate security events.
  • 24x7 support. We are your engineering team.

How Sophos Protects Against the 'Wanna' Variant Ransomware

Innovative Protection

Advanced prevention, detection and response capabilities

Sophos Next-Gen Endpoint Protection integrates innovative security technologies to protect against all stages of an attack, coordinated through a central control engine. The result: outstanding protection against malware and advanced threats for your Windows, Mac and Linux systems.


Catch and prevent malware before it can execute with:

  • Traditional signature matching of known malware
  • Heuristic evaluation
  • Emulation
  • Sandboxing
  • File reputation scoring
  • Application whitelisting
  • Machine learning algorithms
If malware is deployed it is essential to detect it quickly. Sophos gives you a range of advanced technologies, including:

  • Network behavior analysis
  • Application/process behavior analysis
  • Data protection
  • Exploit detection
Take effective action as soon as malware is detected. Sophos capabilities include:

  • Automated malware removal
  • Compromised asset identification
  • Suspect component identification
  • The ability to scan for the malware and suspect components across other devices
Endpoint Protection

Comprehensive security for users and data.
Mobile Control
Countless devices, one solution.
SafeGuard Encryption

Protecting your data wherever it goes.
Server Security
Security optimized for servers.