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QualTechCloud-Integrated Cloud Solutions provides software as a service facilitating integration for the Microsoft ecosystem of server software

Cloud Hosted Microsoft Software: Software as a Service

QualTechCloud-Integrated Cloud Solutions provides software as a service facilitating integration for the Microsoft ecosystem of server software

Your company needs to find a cost-effective and convenient way to give your employees access to the software they need to complete their work. They likely need access to this software even when they’ve left the company’s network and servers behind.

Or perhaps you have a global workforce, and you need employees to have the ability to work with the same software all around the world. In any case, QualTechCloud - Integrated Cloud Solutions has an answer to your dilemma. We offer cloud-hosted Microsoft software that you and your employees can access anytime and anywhere.

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Whether your company works with spreadsheets or text documents, presentation slides or email, cloud-hosted Microsoft software gives you all the tools your business needs to succeed. Additionally, because you use this software in the cloud rather than as a pre-fabricated business package, you have more customization options.

When you have software such as SAAS, your provider, QualTech, manages details of the underlying operating system to give you an easily customizable platform. With this software model, you won’t have to worry about infrastructure issues while you put customizations into place. Additionally, we give you the option to purchase support hours so we can maintain the infrastructure on your behalf.

Cloud-hosted Microsoft software can help you increase your company’s efficiency and output with fewer people. This software can also help you expand into new markets around the world with ease. Reap the benefits of cloud computing and save money at the same time by contacting QualTech today.

Together with our cloud dynamics crm hosting service, we provide the full range of services in the microsoft dynamics crm market, ensuring that regardless of the scope of your crm needs, we have a solution that's right for you.

Within the crm ecosystem we are a one stop shop for all your Dynamics CRM needs. From cloud hosted crm solutions, custom development services, to integration and migration services we'll be your partner in helping you drive your CRM applications.

With the support of our Scribe expert team we can greatly simplify your migration process. Call or email us to find out how we can help with your CRM migration.

For only $125/hr per resource or $85/hr per resource if you are or would like to become our cloud customer, we can provide you with top quality crm customization and integration development for a very reasonable cost. Let us help you make the most out of your Dynamics CRM experience.

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